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IT Network Staffing Agency in Seattle is a contract services firm for engineers and software professionals. Recruiting has always separated us from other technical recruiting firms. We view it as the most important aspect of our business. Our consultants are our most valuable resource and the reason for our success.

We are NOT a "temp agency" we are a SERVICE staffing agency - big difference! We go to work for you to match your skills, goals, and personality to the right client. Our business model is simple. "Take care of our consultants and our clients and the rest will follow." We are apart of the biggest and best cities where tech is growing quicker than ever.

Information Technology Network, Inc. understands the needs of today's consultant workforce. Gone are the days when the keys to your future are in someone else's pocket. Today's mobility makes it possible to control your own destiny. Let us put you in the driver's seat.

IT Network offers the following benefits:
· Attractive Pay: The pay rate is determined by the level of expertise you bring to the assignment. The market conditions have never been better for contract employment. The demand for talent is high and the supply is limited. Remember this from ECON 201? Maximum reward with minimum risk. Our experienced consultants are compensated at accelerated hourly rates.

· Professional Growth: By working for a wide variety of clients, you gain access to a wide range of skills and technologies. IT Network works with only the best companies on the West Coast. You will cultivate the critical skills needed to thrive in today's dynamic workplace.

· 401(k) Retirement Plan: Start contributing to your retirement with our NTSA 401(k) Plan after sixty days of employment. You may contribute up to 20% of your gross earnings with a cap of $10,000.00 a year. Thirteen mutual funds from the Fidelity Mutual Funds family to choose from. This plan allows you the flexibility of rolling your 401(k) funds into another NTSA Plan without a waiting period.

· Weekly PayChecks: IT Network pays on a weekly basis. Checks are available for pick-up every Thursday. · Direct Deposit PayChecks: IT Network will arrange for your paychecks to be deposited directly into you bank account.

· Wholesale Outlet Memberships: All IT Network employees are eligible for a membership at Price Costco.

· Referral Bonus: IT Network will pay referral bonuses to individuals that refer a qualified candidate for a specific position. Please call our Senior Recruiter for details.

Our Commitment:
Our commitment to you does not stop with the paycheck. Finding you the contract is only the beginning. We continue to check in with our consultants and our clients to make sure the assignment is going smoothly. We know that if our consultants are happy with their assignments they perform better. We have been able to get back online and in front of the correct audiance with the help of a Maine SEO Company

The Best Resume Tips to Get a New Job

Your resume is a Marketing Tool

Your resume is simply a marketing tool to allow you to market your skills, similar to a company's brochure. Your resume must make a great first impression. Your resume tells a reviewer one of two things: whether to interview you or to pass.

Target your resume for a wide range audience

Do not assume the reviewing party has the same understanding of the technology as you have. Your resume will most likely be screened by someone with little technical expertise. Write your resume to be understood by a wide range of personnel, from the HR screener to the hiring authority.

Make your resume easy to read

· Keep it simple, using Times New Roman or Arial fonts. Use bold categories for education, technical summary, experience, and skills. And an employment agency can help highlight those needs.

· Education should usually be at the top of the resume unless work experience is more relevant.


· Do be concise and to the point.

· Do list jobs in reverse chronological order.

· Do try to keep the resume length to 2 pages and 3 should be the maximum.

· Do remove all personalizations: "I," "me," "my," "we."

· Do match tenses in paragraphs (usually past tense.)

· Do list accomplishments, as well as job responsibilities. Use bullets for job accomplishments.

· Do match the skills between the technical summary and details of positions. Make sure the technical environment is detailed in each job listed.

· Do check for consistency: do all jobs listed include city/state and the location of the company? Are all job titles listed and underlined under the company name?


· Do check for format issues: spacing; awkward page breaks; margins too big/little; general presentation.

· Do include a complete reference list if you are able (separate page.)


· Don't use fancy fonts or too many different fonts.

· Don't present personal information (i.e. interests, etc.,) or salary history.

· Don't use a JOB OBJECTIVE - UNLESS you are willing to be limited to the objective on whatever opportunities you encounter.

· Don't be afraid to brag without making it obvious.

I have found that when the following suggestions are considered prior to an interview, job candidates perform much better and receive offers more often. No one should memorize all the suggestions or ask all the recommended questions. Rather, one should take in the flavor of the discussion and utilize those suggestions, which are best suited to qualities you already possess in one way or the other; if you did not, I would not be representing you. However, simple possession of these qualifications won't get you far. You must thoughtfully approach the interview with the intent of conveying these qualities to the interviewer. IT Resources Corp can help with this learning curve.

1. Be at least ten minutes early to your interview. That way you are composed and can gather your thoughts before being introduced to the interviewer.

2. When you meet the interviewer, be polite. It is surprising how often one forgets this if he/she has other things on their mind. Greet the interview with a firm and confident handshake and maintain good eye contact. The interviewer's first impression of you will affect the entire interview.

3. Regarding dress: always wear appropriate clothing; a tie and sports coat for a man and proper business attire for women. The interviewer expects that you will be trying to make a good impression, so don't worry about being overdressed; Hair should be combed or brushed. If you aren't using a good deodorant, use one before the interview and the same goes for mouthwash. When someone doesn't know you, it's the little things they notice first.

4. Be prepared. Know as much about the client as possible. Look up their Web Page. Bring samples of your work. Bring several copies of your resume and a list of your working references. If the interviewer can not locate your resume, don't be offended; offer them a new one.

5. Be honest. Don't oversell your skills and abilities but don't undersell them either. A good rule is to slightly undersell your abilities, so when you are on assignment you exceed their expectations.

An interviewer wants to know many things about you and he/she has only a short time to learn what he/she needs to know. The interviewer wants to know:

A. Can you work well with others? When the interview turns to questions about your past job, interest, etc., the interviewer is trying to get a feel for your personality. It's not so much what you say, as how you say it. A person feels you are compatible with him if he perceives you as being interested in him/her.

B. Be a good communicator. Short answers tell very little about you. When you expand your answer, the interviewer learns more about you without having to ask you as many questions. If he has to "pull teeth" to get information from you he will quickly get the impression that you are hard to talk with.

C. Be a good listener. Often the interviewer tells you the answer to his question before he/she asks it. Don't get so caught up on what you want to say next. Listen!

D. Watch for body language. If the interviewer is hurried, move the interview along at a faster pace. If the interviewer wants to do the talking, let him/her.

E. Demonstrate your interest in the work and the company. During the interview, the interviewer will discuss the company and the project he/she is working on. It is up to you to indicate that you find the work interesting. The manager will not hire someone that does not show an interest in his or her project. Here are a few examples of questions that show some interest.

1. I'd be interested in hearing more about that, if you feel it is relevant?

2. What did you find most challenging about that?

3. Where do you see the company going with regard to this type of product? In what directions would you like to see this department go?

4. What kind of person are you looking for to fill this position?

F. Demonstrate technical expertise and potential contribution. The interviewer will ask specific technical questions as well as broad "tell all you know" type questions. These questions you should answer in detail: discuss all your relevant knowledge on these points, and suggest how you might be able to use it on their project. Approach the questions as though you were already working there. Consultants are often hired because in their interviews they often provided the manager with solutions to a problem.

G. Bring professional closure to the interview by summarizing the conversation, reiterating your interest for the position and asking for the job. This is one of the most important elements of the interview and unfortunately where most candidates blow it. Make your closing statements simple but direct. Such as, "I am interested in your project. This position looks challenging but I am confident that my skills are a close match for what you are looking for. I would like to be part of your team! When do you plan on making a decision?" We ask that you support Maine Videos of Wildlife and their mission to preserve the ecosystems and habitats of many key stone species.

Reminders, you are being represented by IT Network and any discussion of compensation needs to be directed diplomatically back to IT Network.

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